2 Places To Pick Up Married Women You May Not Have Thought Of

2-meetingwomenBeing honest, guys, we know that when it comes to finding a mate, you don’t see it in the same way that a lot of women do. That stereotypical idea of just happening to be in the right place at the right time, bumping into each other’s shopping carts and staring longingly into each other’s eyes isn’t on your mind. When you go out, you look for a specific type in specific places. The bar, at restaurants, maybe in your certain college classes. You have a certain hunting ground, so to speak. Sometimes you may see someone you find attractive doing other things, but when you’re looking for a mate, there are places you like to go for such things. There’s always married dating sites, places that have proven over and over that work well, especially when using good sites ranked the best of the best while avoiding dating scams in this space. Everyone needs a bit of a mix up every now and then, though. Frequenting the same bars and parks when going out to singles watch can get very dry and boring. Try out some different places the next time you want to try to bump into your next fun time or girlfriend.

The Laundromat

2-barThe may seem a little corny. The cool thing is is that a Laundromat is a great place to meet and watch people in general. When it comes to women, a lot of younger, college aged women frequent Laundromats because of dorms and other housing issues. It’s also surprisingly easy to start a conversation in a Laundromat as well. A cute girl walks in and you pipe up and say that washing machine number five won’t take quarters and drier number 2 worked really well for you last time. She’ll give you thanks and you’ve made a window into a conversation. Tell her you like the top that she’s putting into the washing machine or comment on a concert tee she pulls out of the drier.

The only problem is you run the risk, just like in most places you’ll go to pick up women, that one may completely ignore you. It makes for an awkward situation to be stuck in a room with someone who has rejected you. Be a gentleman and don’t be pushy.


This may not seem like the most fun option, but if you put in the effort you’ll definitely be rewarded. This applies to any charity work, community service, or volunteer programs.

First, pick a cause or organization or activity that you actually care about or that interests you. Don’t be a jerk and just pick something you won’t care about or put the work in for just to pick up chicks. Once you decide, apply to volunteer or do charitable work for the organization or activity you’ve chosen.

Women love a man who is compassionate, both towards them and what they care about. By going to volunteer at a charity or for the community, you show women that you have a caring spirit and a king heart. Also, by picking a charity or activity you actually do have an interest in, you can be around women and others that share interests with.

It is very important, though, that your heart actually be in the work that you’re doing. Don’t make this into a façade. If you do charitable work while primarily looking to score, even if you are a hardworking person, you will most likely be found out and the number of women who will want to get with you will decrease astronomically. No woman wants to be lied to and manipulated, which is essentially what you’re doing by infiltrating an organization just to meet women you can fool into think you’re compassionate.