3 Healthy Ways To Get Over A Breakup!

1-o-BREAKUP-facebookUntil you’ve found the person to spend the rest of your life with, you’re going to go through a bout of bad relationships. It’s pretty much unavoidable unless you’re one of the rare and lucky few who find them on the first try. If you aren’t some sort of dating anomaly, though, you’re going to be either receiving a few rejections or dishing them out yourself, which can be hard to deal with regardless of what end of the news you happen to be on.

Break ups have the possibility of being easy to deal with if they’re mutually agreed upon between two mature people who are understanding and have no bad baggage. It’s possible! More often than not, though, breakups result in broken hearts, gallons of ice cream being eaten on the couch while you cry, and maybe ripping up or burning items in effigy. Relationships can be great, but once they’re over it’s as if you can’t even think about a time before they really, really sucked. Here are some great and healthy ways to curb the break up blues.

Take Some Me Time & Have No Strings Sex Using Dating Sites

2-breakupsUsually one of the better things to do after breaking up with someone is to spend some time relearning about yourself and how you work as someone not in a relationship. The amount of time this takes various depending on the degree of severity your relationship was at. If you were just casually dating, it may not be all that big of a blow. The longer you stay with a person, of course, the harder it is to get over them. Even if the relationship was bad, you have to cope with not having that person around when they used to be all the time. You can find good reviews of sites to use for this kind of thing; incredibly that means that the best sites are trafficked by real women and you can find good comparisons to help you choose which sites to use.

By taking some time to spend by yourself, not only do you deal with the feeling of being alone again, you also can take some much needed time to focus on yourself instead of another person using the majority of your mental and emotional resources. Read a book and listen to the sounds of an empty house or room. After a while, it’ll feel natural to be back in your own groove again.

Make Some Written Encouragement

One of the better ways to deal with feelings is to get them out on paper. That’s why a lot of teenage girls had journals back in the day. How else are you supposed to deal with your unbearable mom, not having a job, and Ricky not asking you out and taking that ugly Susan to the dance instead of you? It sound silly now, but try it. Write your feelings away. Write about the you that you can see after this: over them and moving on.

You can also write yourself some notes or goals to help you get through the day. Just a little reminder on your phone that is scheduled to tell you that you can do this can make a massive impact on how you view yourself and your emotions after the breakup. Set up a list of goals to do for a while; they can be break up related, like throwing out John old clothes he left in your closet, or even something like working on yourself and what you did wrong in the relationship.

Involve Yourself With Other Things

After you settle yourself down and make peace with your breakup, throw yourself into some distracting activities. As much as you’d like to drown your sorrows or go straight back to the club to find the next one, try to make these activities productive or at least have an emotionally positive environment. Also, no one likes to be the rebound person. It doesn’t help you out either.

Instead of going along with some friends to the bar, have a party at your place. You can make it a “Getting Over Cindy” party or not, but make your own safe and supportive atmosphere. You control the people who come, the tone of the party, and also create a new and positive energy in a place where your ex may have been a lot. Now you have the ability to associate better things with that space.

More productive ways of getting over someone involve taking classes, joining book clubs, participating in online communities that pique your interest. The world is now your oyster, so go and dive right in. Now that you’re on the right track to being your old self again, no one can stop you from being you!