5 Things Your Casual Sex Partner Wants You To Say (But Can’t)

3-couple-talkingIn every relationship, people can do better about the things they say and do for their partner. Just one or two words can change the whole temperature of the relationship for the day. As a partner, it’s your duty to try and make your mate feel good, both about your relationship and themselves. You know, life can be hard for casual daters and if you’ve been one of the lucky ones to get laid off the internet using reviews like this that can help to compare casual dating sites against the competition, you are awesome. Just saying a few key phrases to them throughout the day, unprompted, can send a very big message. You’re a caring partner, so express it more often using some of these phrases. Trust me, they want you to.

“How Are You Today?”

By asking this more, you acknowledge that you care about your partner and how their day is going or went. By taking the time to inquire about their day, you show that you want to talk to them not just about themselves, but how their life is affected. When they respond, you can also generate a conversation. When they tell you about their day, pay attention. Be supportive if they had a bad day or something bad happened to them. Celebrate with them as best you can when the day was a good one. The more you communicate, the better the outcome.

“How Do You Feel About…?”

1-communicaitonThis means you acknowledge that they are a freethinking person whose ideals and thoughts you care about. Instead of just letting them go along with whatever you decide, by asking how they feel about something or their thoughts on an issue, it shows that you know that you can have a discussion and not just a non-verbal agreement. You respect their right to disagree and maybe have a different opinion. When they answer and it is different from how you feel, act politely. Actually discuss what they have to say instead of arguing about it. It’s your job to mediate since you started the conversation. Be as respectful as you can possibly be.

“You Mean So Much To Me”

Everyone wants to know they matter. The closer you are to a person, the more you should reiterate their importance to you. This goes for any and all types of positive relationships, whether they are with partners, friends, children and families. Letting someone know that your life is affected for the better by them being there for you is one of the most profound things you can say to someone, so much so that this shouldn’t be thrown around lightly. Save it for someone who you really do feel this way about and you really want them to know.

“You Look Good”

2-couple_communicatingComplimenting someone on how they look is always a good thing. When it comes to your relationship, your loved one could always use an ego boost. Complimenting them on their appearance shows that you are observant of their good qualities always and that can be extra reassuring, especially to female partners who can easily feel physically inadequate. Let them know you appreciate their looks, even if it’s just a sweat pants and t-shirt kind of day. ESPECIALLY on a sweat pants and t-shirt kind of day, actually. You should find your mate physically attractive regardless of whether they’re in yoga pants or a ball gown. Make sure they know that.

“I Love You”

Quite possibly the easiest and most overlooked phrased that can be said more. While it’s so common in culture to use as a phrase, it is often overlooked in actual relationships as something to say to someone. When you are in a stage of a relationship where you can say this without being too forward and intense, say it as often as you feel it.

Remember, there actually is no way to exhaust this phrase. While some may say that it is used too casually, when you are in a relationship it’s good to say it as much as you can. Every time you say “I love you”, you’re telling someone that you’re thinking of them as a desired person. What could be wrong with that?