7 Reasons Why You Should Move In Together Post-Fling

A couple celebrating moving in to a new home

A couple celebrating moving in to a new home

There are several tiers of intimacy in a relationship which indicate that you’re moving up the ladder dictating what steps in your relationship come next. These can include the first time you say “I love you,” or your first kiss. Maybe a step can be when you talk about kids for the first time. Of these, moving in together is definitely one of them.

While moving in together can be a bit scary and a daunting thing to think about, it’s a natural progression in a long term relationship. While you can think about how it could be damning for your partnership, think of all the good that can come of it.

Elevated Level Of Intimacy

When some think about how it’s probably going to rip a relationship apart, others think about how cohabitation can give you a closer living space and elevate the romance you share. Being domestic can not only be a good thing for your romantic life, but it can also be a turn on for you or your partner. Maybe even both! By being in a close-quarters environment, you can spend more time together and ignite a fire in your romantic and sexual love life.

Financial Security And Responsibility

2-120222051500-moving-in-together-story-topInstead of having two houses, two sets of bills, and separate payments for everything, combine these things into one. One rent bill or mortgage, one electric bill, and one grocery store trip means that you can save a lot of money. This can also be good on your taxes as filing as living together can put you in a different bracket and elevate your return or minimize your payment. A pooled pot of two incomes also means that you eliminate bills while having more money to pay for things you have, want, or need.

Practicing For Marriage

If you’re thinking about living together, it’s reasonable to think that maybe you’re gearing up for marriage someday. By living together, you can basically take a marriage test run. You know how compatible you are with living in a tight environment and where your nerves are being frayed and fried. After you successfully live with your partner for a while, now you can think about popping the question.

Seeing Your Mate Through Different Eyes

When two people live together, some things may change about how they perceive each other and their relationship. In the glory days at the beginning of the relationship, everything is perfect and pretty. You stay groomed, you’re nice and jovial, and everything has a tint of something called “being fake”. By living together, you can get to the nitty-gritty of how your significant other really acts in private quarters. Some may consider this to be a bad thing, but in reality it forces you to either accept your love, warts and all, or to get out while the commitment isn’t too great.

Settling Down For Good

When you make the commitment to living with someone, you’re also making a commitment to settle down with someone. Whether or not you keep that promise is up to you, but know that the repercussions for fooling around on the side are much bigger now. When you finally decide to make this decision of cohabitation, you’re saying that there will just be the two of you in your relationship. When you say you’re going to live together, you’re living together. Together means you, them, and no one else.

Argument Practice

By living together, you’re going to be pressing your partners buttons and they’ll be pressing yours just as much. Don’t be shocked if you have a few fights in the beginning that seem to happen frequently. You can work through them. Fighting early on in the relationship gives you time to know how to fight with each other that can be productive. Arguments can actually help a relationship in a lot of ways. You know about each other more, you know what triggers not to pull, and how to get over your spats healthily.

Looking For Deal Breakers

Living with someone means you get to see the more grimy side of them. Look for things that you find to be red flags like disgusting habits, hateful energy, and other things that you consider to be deal breakers. Have perspective as to how your partner can probably look for similar things in yourself as well, and know that being completely solid on how you want your partner to act isn’t showing good compromising. If you see things that you just can’t bring yourself to accept, though, reconsider this relationship.

Remember, moving in together means that you probably need to give up your hookup websites addiction and you won’t be able to get laid using dating sites anymore. At least you won’t fall prey to various online scams that are so common place in the dating world.