Astrology and Online Personals: How Compatible Are You?

1-astrology+horoscope+wheelAstrology has been a very successful market when it comes to convincing people of themselves and how their lives will be going. A lot of people understand astrology is just for fun while others live their lives believing in what their star signs tell them. Either way, a lot of times people will check up on their romantic lives in terms of what their horoscope and zodiac sign will tell them about their luck in love or about their partner.

Does It Matter?

Truthfully, it shouldn’t. The person who bases their whole dating life on whether they and another person share compatible star signs is a shallow one indeed. The reason for this is because star signs, while you may think yours fits you perfectly, are never actually reputable in telling others how a person will be or act. There are saints and sinners of all star signs. A serial killer could share the same zodiac sign as Mother Teresa. A person’s personality will always have more to do with their environment and innate traits and not what day they happened to be born on. While some dating sites are astrology based, you can also find reviews of dating sites including some that focus on sex personals sites that make the top 5 that are both small in size and category, and just find out their star sign later. All the same, it’s still a fun little tidbit to know about. The thing is, though, you shouldn’t take them one hundred percent seriously. If you and your partner share clashing zodiac signs, don’t break up with them immediately. Your horoscope shouldn’t be prophetic on how you view others or live your life. Always take them with a tablespoon of salt!

Air Signs

Air signs include Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and are idealist signs. Between fellow air signs, they are very communicative and understanding, which makes them very compatible with each other. Dating a fire signed person, their opposing sign, will involve an incompatibility when it comes to taking action as air signs are ones who come up with ideas while fire signs execute them. Dating someone who is an earth sign can prove to be a good match when it comes to being able to understand their mate. An air signed person has to be willing to take more action while the earth sign individual has to get in touch with their feelings. Water sign relationships can be good too as a mixture of emotion and logic is never a bad thing.

Water Signs

2-astrology-book-003The water signs are Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. As water signs, they are very emotive and reasonable based on perception. Depending on the people involved, water signs can either do very well in a relationship together or get very stagnant. When dating someone of the opposite sign of earth, a water sign will emote more than an earth sign can usually handle. A water sign dating a fire signed individual can prove to be a nice match. Water signs will look up to someone who is as productive as a fire sign while fire signs appreciate the emotional symmetry a water sign has to offer. Dating an air sign can prove fruitful as it grounds a water sign into a reality aside from their emotions.

Fire Signs

As fire signs, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are very energetic and boisterous individuals, always wanting to be the loudest and strongest. This can work well for two like-minded people of the same sign or cause them to burn each other out trying to play the dominant role. Dating someone of their opposing sign, air, can be tricky as air sign people are inclined to talk and thing while fire signs want to do. Dating an earth signed person can lead to a hit or miss relationship as their go-getter personalities go well together but they can easily get caught up in each other. Going out with someone of the water sign variety can be a good match as they are both emotional signs, one being more dominant and the other being more submissive which combines nicely.

Earth Signs

Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo make up the very physically dependent earth signs. As long as two earth sign partners communicate their ideals, they can work very well together. When they date someone of their opposing sign, water, it can be a bit of a burden. Their practical and physical nature clashes with a water signs need to be very emotional. Fire sign partners can be a good match for them as they are both kinds of people that want to get things done with little talking, though this can also crash and burn if there is no communication. Air sign dating can be strong as long compromise can be found. Air signs must learn to do as well as say and the earth signed person has to understand how to talk things out.