How to Date Someone Who is Disabled

1-10bestdisableddatingsitesla-620x320Dating someone who is physically disabled requires the same amount of attention and respect as dating someone who is able bodied. When you decide to date someone who is physically disabled, you may be wondering what to expect and if you can actually manage it. The truth is, as long as you keep in mind that many disabled people have the same wants and desires as the rest of us, dating one should be a lot easier than you probably expected it to be. I’ve seen some disabled people on cheating websites probably coming from lists like this online dating to cheat ranked which are compared for scam factor and ranked in terms of quality.

On Cheating: Don’t Treat Them Too Differently

The easiest way to date a disabled person is to treat them the same way you would any other person. This is because that is exactly the case. Just because a person is disabled doesn’t mean you have to handle the relationship too much differently than you would with an able bodied person. Don’t try to control everything just because your partner may not be able to do the same things as you. Disabled or not, your partner can still make their own decisions and could get around on their own before they met you. If you try to control the show, chances are they will end up putting you in your place before you can get too far.

Don’t Treat Their Disability Like a Kink or Fetish

2-dateYou should absolutely avoid treating your disabled partner’s disability like a kink or fetish. Even if you do have a fetish for your disabled partner’s disability you should refrain from letting them know (unless you met your partner on a kink or fetish online dating site). When you treat your disabled partner’s disability like a kink or fetish, they will feel both insulted and used. Your disabled partner wants to know that you are interested in them as a person, not because of something that they cannot control about their bodies.

Do not lavish their disability in attention, or focus on it when the two of you are having sex. This will often be an enormous turn off to your partner. Instead, accept your partner for who they are, and try not to pay attention to their disability even if it does turn you on. If you can’t help your fetish and feel that you owe it to your partner to talk about it, you should be willing to discuss the topic with them. However, be prepared for what your partner has to say. Some will accept your feelings, and may even be OK with your fetish. Others will be disgusted and may even want to end things with you right away.

Don’t Treat Yourself as Though You Are Their Savior

Treating yourself as though you are a savior to your disabled date is one of the worst things that you could possible do. Your date doesn’t want to date anyone who feels like they are better than other people for simply dating someone who is disabled. This makes the disabled person feel like you aren’t really interested in dating them more than you are interested in the idea of being a savior to them. Disabled people take pride in themselves regardless of whether or not they are dating someone. If you start dating a disabled person thinking that they are going to think the world of you just for dating you, you are in for a rude awakening. It really doesn’t work that way.

Make sure not to compare yourself to your friends or other people who you know wouldn’t be willing to date a disabled person, especially when your disabled partner is around. Hearing you compare yourself to others and talk about why you are better because you are willing to date someone disabled will only upset them. Instead of comparing yourself at all, use this time to talk about how wonderful your partner is. Make sure you don’t talk about how difficult their disability is and how they are doing the most to overcome it. Just talk about what a great person your disabled partner is. They will appreciate that you are seeing them for who they are, and not for the disabilities that they have.

Dating someone who is physically disabled should give you the same satisfaction of dating someone who is able bodied. If it doesn’t, you may need to take a step back and consider what is it that you want out of a relationship, and how to go about getting what you need.