Picking Up Artsy Girls: Hookup Manual 101

1-indiegirlMove over, conventionally beautiful ladies! Every guy these days wants a quirky girl, who’s sensitive and artistic. Sadly, these women are few and far between, and fewer of them are easily charmed. They claim to be unattainable and uninterested in men, but that’s not true. Just like every women, artsy girls have a price. You just need to figure out where to find them and how to win them over.

Top Locations

These ladies congregate all over the place, but the fastest place to find them are at coffee shops and bookstores, the smaller the better. These women like to go places that aren’t mainstream, so they seek out every tiny location they can find. If there are downtown areas by you, check them out. Also, make sure to attend local concerts. You’re bound to run into plenty of them there. Just act like you know the music even if you have no idea who the band is. A little B.S. can get you a long way. There’s also a ton of quality websites for hooking up but you have to be careful; per the latest news, scams are everywhere and many sites cannot be trusted to be real at all, so choose wisely.

What to Say

2-artsyObviously, don’t walk right up to them and start flirting. At least, don’t start obviously flirting. If you’re at a concert, ask what she thinks of the band, the band’s new album, or even if she has any music recommendations. That’ll get her off on a tangent for sure, and it gives you an in to ask more personal questions. In fact, music is a great topic to bring up around an artsy girl no matter where you meet her. Women like her are so involved in the music and art scene that it’s always a good conversation starter. Also be sure to ask her about the type of art she does if she implies that she does anything. Giving her an opportunity to talk about herself whenever possible will make her like you more right off the bat. Just focus on her as a person, and don’t say anything about her looks or her body or you’ll give yourself away. If she seems into you, feel free to ask for her number or even ask her on a date.

Date Ideas

3-58a8e46f9f17f3441cebb320588486f6This can be a little tricky. Artsy girls aren’t won over by just any dates. You have to put some thought into it. Luckily, newspapers exist. That’ll be your best friend when you’re trying to find something to take her to. Check out local concerts in there as well as various exhibitions. You never know what will be in your city, and art exhibitions are always opening. She’ll love getting to walk around and talk art with you, and you’ll love getting to be seen with such a cute girl. Take her to a coffee shop afterwards, or let her show you a great spot for dinner. Also be open to letting her choose the date location. Don’t assume that she has no desire to be in control of this just because she’s the woman. You don’t always have to surprise her. Sometimes it’s even more fun to collaborate on a date location, so don’t be scared to ask her opinion on anything.